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Our Mission

Chitral Girls Sports Development is a program that seeks to implement sporting activities as a way of empowering women and girls in different parts of the world such as Hunza, Chitral, Peshawar, Gilgit and other areas of Northern Pakistan as well as Kenya.
It will focus on training of life skills, reducing antisocial behaviour, and increasing accessibility to initiatives that funnel talent exploration in young women.
The program is launched at a time when the northern Pakistani women are inequitably exposed to issues such as early marriages, limited access to education, and many of them have been affected, either directly or indirectly.
Therefore, it seeks to incorporate life skills that will improve positive behaviour, reduce early marriages, and address risk factors among girls in the community. In fact, according to a study conducted by Ernst and Young which surveyed women executives on the impact of sports on young women it found that a background in sport can help a woman land a job and enhance her leadership potential.
Additionally, those with a sports background have a strong work ethic are team players and are determined as well as they have strong leadership skills that cannot be taught in school.
In this, Chitral Girls Sports Development seeks to develop these qualities in the girls so that they can become leaders for change in their communities.
Also, the program will offer a platform that will enable young girls to reach a high level of sports to represent their schools and the country by supporting them through coaching, mentoring and development benefits.

To take part in Chitral Girls Sports Development, one is required to pay a monthly fee.

Changing Lives 80%
Competitive Environment 65%
Community Building 50%
Better Health 70%
Sharing Joy 90%

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